Oct. 17th, 2014

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Good evening!! Thanks for your patience everyone. I got home from my adventures on set at 1am and I had to wake up at 6am for work... I'm KNACKERED! Jsut got home, got some food in the belly - time to type this sucker up!


Okay, so while I was at work yesterday I saw a tweet that mentioned iZombie would be filming in Gastown that evening. I figured I'd poke my head down there and see how my luck is. Of course, ask altocello - my luck is good for some reason, lol.

So I find the set (the convoy of filming trucks gives it away like whoa) and watch them set up from across the street. They've transformed the end of the block to look like America, so US and State flags and license plates, and changed signage. They do a camera rehersal, and then it's time for filming!

Like I said, I came from work, so all I had was my shitty old iPhone camera - picture quality is gonna be shit.


So the scene I saw goes like this:

Bradley's character (who's name is unknown to me and as the show doesn't follow the comic, I can't even make a guess) dressed all in black steps out of a storefront called "Grunge Records" with his guitar case.

He turns left out the door and starts to make his way when Liv (Rose MacIver) wolf whistles at him.

He pauses, turns around slowly and after recognizing her says an astonished "Hey!"

They meet and their dialogue is quiet, so I dont know what is said durning the conversation.

But Liv grabs him into a kiss.

They separate. A beat of realization. Then right back into it super passion kiss! On the final go of it, the director was calling it out hilariously: "..aaaaand come apart - look at her .. aaaaaand BACK IN!! HANDS IN HER HAIR! AWW YEAH!!!" after that one, everyone cheered and applauded, and Bradley and Rose were laughing. Good times all around.

(If that embed doesn't work, click here)

That scene was gone over and over and over again, felt like over 30 takes. And it only lasts about 60 seconds! :P

In the end, it was 11pm when they wrapped.

Whoa, love interest for the lead girl? I think that means he'll have a few more episodes for sure! Till break-up? Season's end? Series end? Character death? WHO KNOWS? I shall keep my eyes peeled. But no more live tweeting from set after someone on my twitter feed leaked it before I could post.

Meeting Bradley James

So during the filming I got chatting with another woman watching (alrighty83) who was there to watch Rose MacIver shoot. Must be all that stagedoor'ing I did in London, but I said to her that we should try and wave them over here (across the street) after filming. So after the wrap, she spots Bradley, and we cross the street to meet him, but a PA is talking to him, so we wait by. Suddenly, he crosses the street to where we used to be standing, where a car was waiting! So we dash back across the street following him and the PA.

Alrighty83 calls out "Bradley! Can we take a picture with you?" at the same time I'm calling out "Mr. James!", lol. We are literally in the middle of the street, cuz Bradley is at the car door (in the street) and we are behind him (REALLY in the street). This moment is a bit of a blur because I was to busy trying to get us all OUT of the street and on the sidewalk - remembering the clusterfuck of folks stopping the Mojo guys in the middle of the street and it being really awkward...
He seemed surprised, for sure! and we made our way to the sidewalk, he says "Where do you want me?", and I had to be sure to keep a civil tongue at THAT!

As I was fussing with my phone, I told him that I couldn't believe he was here on this side of the Atlantic, and he said "Yeah this is where I hang out now!". Alrighty83 said she didn't recognize him with his coloured hair and he said "Yeah they did a great job - I'm totally different! No chainmail! I'm not sure if I asked him if it was first time in Vancouver, but I asked him how he was liking it, and he said that Vancouver has been great.

Pictures taken, we said thanks and good night, and maybe it was my own exhastion speaking, but I told him to go home and get some sleep, lol.

Good times!


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